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21 Feb 2014
How to reduce cellulite of the legs
Not to swollen legs
A feeling of heaviness in the legs often comes from bad posture habits like sitting many hours standing or sitting.

In more severe cases, is also associated with venous insufficiency that due to poor blood circulation causes the appearance of (small spills) and varicose veins.
 "About 40% of the population has problems of poor circulation in the legs', warns expert in surgery Emilio Val’s.
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Therefore, and although often the cause is hereditary, to prevent this problem 'is essential to be careful with food and bad postural habits, avoid prolonged the pill, quit smoking, get exercise and avoid wearing long clothing tight and high heels.

“If you have to work long hours...

18 Feb 2014
Be sure to follow the type of moles on the skin: Research indicates that the ability to observations of changes in the various moles on the skin increased by 13% and that careful observation avoids cancer.
Dental hygiene:
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Be careful to avoid wetting toothbrush with water before placing them where the putty dry brush increases the possibility of getting rid of the plaque by 67% and I know that the safety of the heart start of the teeth.
Sleep well: eating apples to combat insomnia and sleep deeply Sleeping helps fight premature aging and maintain youthful skin.

Replace white bread for brown: brown bread (whole wheat) contains a greater proportion of dietary fiber, and thus is more capable of saturation, and the carbohydrates...

18 Feb 2014
Weight gain represents a big problem among women, it caused her many troubles, research has shown that hormones femininity and ovulation is heavily influenced by obesity, as obesity affect also explains nutrition expert, the fat cells that secrete the hormone lepton "Lepton, "which caused a stir in the work of the pituitary gland, which would cause an imbalance in the ovaries.

The obesity working to raise the hormone insulin, causing disturbances in the ovaries It changes their activities, leading to stop the work of the ovary, and this leads to many complications, from which the irregular menstrual cycle with increased pain associated with her hair growth profusely in the face the body, also spoke obesity a number of changes physical...

18 Feb 2014
The thyme of aromatic plants with a beautiful smell, and is often used for food, as well as medical benefits of thyme, for example, works on the treatment of infections, and relaxes the nerves, as well as all of the benefits are aesthetic also of thyme, both skin and hair, what are these Benefits??

Thyme for many benefits the most important treatment of damaged hair
The therapeutic benefits of herbs

Mask thyme to lighten the color of your skin: Mix a tablespoon of thyme and dry milled teaspoon of olive oil well,

 and when you get a combination coherent, stratified on your face, and leave for half an hour, then wash with water lukewarm, and you can repeat this catcher every day over a period of 10 days, can also thyme oil that moisturizes...

15 Feb 2014
The lipstick from basic cosmetics among women, but there are toxic substances which may be offered health risk, it contains about nine toxic materials, notably lead, cadmium, aluminum, in addition to the types of toxic metals.

The Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley to these results, where they calculated the concentrations of toxic metals in lipstick and the effect of daily-use sustained her.

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The study revealed that the presence of these metals in itself is not a fundamental problem, the danger lies in the continuous use of lipstick, which may expose women to significant health problems in the long run when it is absorbed by the body through the ingestion of women part thereof, shall be considered...

14 Feb 2014
Carnation supple tie did not affect sports performance.
 People who train with weights, can accelerate recovery after training by supplementation with carnation. Report these scientists from the University of Connecticut in response to a study led by Dr. Vole.

Less DNA damage with vitamin E during heavy exercise in a controlled study with basketball players, the supplementation of the natural form of vitamin E, d-did alpha-taco phenol, reduced oxidative DNA damage induced by heavy training.
In the subjects, the total antioxidant status (TAS), the activity of enzymes in the muscle tissue and the biomarker for DNA oxidation, the 8-OHdG, measured before and after training.

These measurements were repeated after one month of supplementation...

14 Feb 2014
Info about Sports nutrition
Additions with N-acetyl cytokine and alpha lipoid acid significantly increased the total antioxidant status in the blood at rest and after exercise.
Supplementation with the sulfur-containing nutrients N-acetyl cytokine (NAC), and alpha lipoid acid improves antioxidant status, and reduces the formation of free radicals after exercise.
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However, supplementation with the amino acid turbine (also with a sulfur atom) showed no effect. to this study, 55 healthy men participated who were randomly divided into four groups.

Depending on the group they were given 1.8 grams of NAC, 1.2 grams of alpha lipoid acid, 3 grams of turbine or no supplementation (control) for 3 days. Then the men...

12 Feb 2014
Ask the reader about the hallmarks of the disease bran injury rosacea, and what is the treatment?
Answer, consultant dermatologists, and Chairman of the National Research Center earlier, saying: Bran, a skin disease, begins to appear on the image round spot, the color pink, and covered with scales light, then followed by a few days, the emergence of other spots in the same shape, but differ in size from several millimeters to several centimeters.
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And indicates the beholder, to be infected with bran Rosary all, does hang strong desire itching, and spread to infect the areas of the chest, abdomen, neck, and arms, and sometimes up to the thighs, and the illness usually lasts about three to four weeks, until the...

12 Feb 2014
Some diseases may cause embarrassment for some men, especially if they are related to sex, was sent to the reader "on the seventh day," he says he is married to a period and suffered from acacia (warts) reproductive and wonder about what this disease is, and what the reasons for his appearance? 
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Responded to this consultation consultant dermatologists, infertility, male sex, and marital relations, saying that the acacia is a skin growths her skin color, and appear on the places genitals, adding that the cause of this disease is a virus called "HP's" HPV and there is of it more than 60 somewhat, but the most commonly affected are the types 16 and 18.

Added that the modes of transmission of this disease are...

11 Feb 2014
Everyone is trying to solve the problem of pimples after they appear. Where the trip begins search for optimal treatment. There is a shortcut that saves you the trouble of the problem and experimenting with drugs and mixtures to hide pimples after her appearance or the impact, and that is learning how to predict the imminent appearance of these warts, and then begin to fight and prevent the appearance of the foundation.

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According to experts, doctors, cosmetic skin world, there are some signs that indicate that your skin will suffer from pimples; the following identify them together, and thus take appropriate remedial action.
First, the change of seasons
Of the things that cause skin problems, especially pimples,...