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30 Jan 2014
Extra tip: Be inspired by the Mediterranean diet, which is not possible without fish, olive oil and lots of vegetables! Volunteers who are over 25 weeks ate this way, lost up to 8% of their weight.

"When it comes to slipping, we often tend to ask the first question, what we could do better.
But it is much easier to change than the conditions themselves. It makes no sense to dwell on who they should be - more motivated, less lazy, have a greater willingness - to nowhere.
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 We need to know your options and then those boundaries and realistically adapt their objectives and procedures, "says psychotherapist Michal
In other words, if you count the fact that in life cannot do without chocolate easier it will be to find a way to incorporate it properly into your diet than without it.

As the vicious circle?
The only guaranteed advice on how to not to include chronic dietary club, according to Martina not start with crazy diets
If you want to lose a few extra pounds, visit a qualified nutritionist. "You will learn all the necessary information on how to build a healthy and balanced diet that helps you lose weight in a reasonable time frame, i.e. a maximum rate of three pounds per month.

You cannot expect the impossible and will quickly lose a pound, you have recruit for many years, "says Martina
Even if you feel that everything you know about weight loss, usually it's only partly true. It is quite another to read the instructions in the magazine and then apply it to your life pace, work, hobbies, but also habits of mind, taste and distaste.


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