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01 Feb 2014
Obesity of global disease, which has no definitive cure, but some of those who suffer from the problems of obesity surgery may be the solution to lose weight in record time.

The treatment of obesity at the University of Cairo, said that there are ways multiple surgeries to treat the increase weight, but most of them are suffering from side effects on the patient, he said, adding that he would prefer to reduce weight by using the method of "gastric balloon”, the gastric balloon is a balloon small is placed stomach to help the patient get rid of excess weight in a short period relative, He pointed out that it is done that way without surgery through the mouth and using binoculars mouth, without any surgical intervention, and take that way for nearly five minutes, continued slaves,

that the balloon works to fill the space of the stomach, leading to the patient's sense of satiety, after eating small amounts of food, in addition to that the patient is put to him a healthy diet.

In addition to the program of exercise on a daily basis. pointed out that it is removing those balloon after 6 months of installation, adding that the patient loses 20 to 40 kilograms during several months only, stressing that it can be re-installing another balloon again as desired by the patient.

More explained the use of this method may have side effects, including nausea and desire to vomit, and terminated that case, after several days, and offers the doctor a number of drugs for the treatment of those effects which ends in a few days is simple.


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