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01 Feb 2014
While in supermarkets, often find yourself standing in front of the cheese plant in the kind that puzzled. The main question is: Do I choose the white or yellow cheese?
Thread does not stop at the taste and flavors never, but there should be nutritional value, start looking for in cheese. At the site of my health we will help you determine the best option for you.

It must be noted first that there is a belief and very wrong, is that the yellow cheese where more calories than white cheese because of their color, which perhaps suggests solubility.

The problem is in the belief that some white cheese in which fewer calories, larger quantities of them, and this is what leads to the accumulation of calories and weight gain with time.
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Benefits of yellow cheese
Eating any kind of cheese mildly considered acceptable within the diet, not to exaggerate the condition and the consumption of large quantities.
It is preferable commitment Double SIM Card from yellow or white cheese in one day, with drinking a glass of milk to supply the needs of the body, including calcium and vitamins.

But what is worth mentioning that the cheese yellow immense benefits obvious for many because of the fear of weight gain, including: the presence of the amount of calcium than white cheese by about five-fold, regarded as an excellent source of Protein, lack of lactose in which what suits people who have an allergy to lactose.

So do not use yellow cheese of your lives, they are of high nutritional value, but they tried as much as possible the amount of a specific commitment to them just as it must act with white cheese.


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