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03 Feb 2014
Everything you buy later. But to find a direction in life, purpose, belonging to a group of people, regardless of the other group considers you a fool, to fill you with satisfaction much more than some plastic contraption.
Just as there is a problem if you do not know what you do in the gym and it is important to clarify.

Do you want to be a bodybuilder to keep your hands 40 cm?
Or just want to have great strength and appearance will not that matter? It's good to get this straight.
I want to be a bit like a bodybuilder, but not much, I liked girls, but I also want to have great strength, but I do not have big thighs, I do not like ... too much I want to gain weight and have like those guys in the photos.
Cellulite Pdf Version
TO HELL and I do not mean just Hell Gel. But they certainly know that this is by no means unique, and right now, during the New Year contrary, quite common.

No wonder then that the people have a mess.
 Do you want power? Okay, practices as powerlifter, Eat as what he comes across, and you have the strength.
Want to be a bodybuilder? OK, practice accordingly, but especially heed of that. I.e.Obey the diet, pay attention to proper food, train and sleep.

A mainly to do so every dayYou want to have big thighs, just hands, breasts and stuff? All right, that's your choice, your body.
 Eventually, although you'll look ridiculous, but before you change these priorities, trains top and legs dodge.


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