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03 Feb 2014
In short, do what you and others out of your head. If you want to be cruel strength does not lie on an exercise bike and eat as a sparrow. If you want to be a bodybuilder, on Friday at the disco and on girls sex at five in the morning
 Focus only on the things that lead to your goal. Late nights, booze and spending on crap you there but I cannot.

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And why are missing one decently generation of bodybuilders? Of course, apart from a few great exceptions
Since she came into the world at a time when the various attractions, glitter, entertainment and other was suddenly an awful lot.
Suddenly, born from scratch
There was not a priority to learn later, concerns the hump now it is difficult. So I think that the current generation to 25 years old is a little different, in that the grown and it had nothing less surprising.
And this is perhaps the reason why the competition returns racers in greater numbers than ever before it was 5-7 years ago when bodybuilding was a real downturn in the country.

We present forties, we grew up during the tumultuous changes in society, they believed that bodybuilding even earns, of view of the first magazines, which were shipped here from the first trips to the west.

And I think I can speak for an entire generation when I say that we did not have the brains out anything other than bodybuilding.
Made their first public gym, which, however, have brutally far from those of today, created various rival clans and everyone wanted to be better than the other. There was a huge competition in bodybuilding is million categories.


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