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06 Feb 2014
Who among us is not fair to have an incident may occur because of an error or what, or because of a psychiatric condition, and months of psychological symptoms is the appearance of paralysis, how can cure that situation.

Specialist Physiotherapist, and a member of the Egyptian Society for the Study of Obesity, was the patient who suffers from paraplegia or what is known as flaccid, a condition suffered by the patient of that half of his body left or right does not move ever but it feels a sense.
Introduction Joey Atlas

She added that the patient in this case is in the case of the start of treatment with doctors Neurosurgery until the healing of the internal damage to the nerves, and then begins the role of physical therapy and start treatment for that case, while acknowledging that the duration of treatment may be long or short according to God's will and the will of the patient and the situation.

In the first month of treatment case, the physical therapy daily limits in an hour and a half every day and physical therapy is the use of the alarm system, a neuromuscular Faradic months of devices that are used to alert the muscles and nerves to restore muscle movement normally.

As has been the use of exercises called passive exercise, a workout in which a processor of natural move the parties to the patient himself, giving a signal to the brain to move and helps to restore them later self and naturally, there are many ways alert to the muscles and nerves, there are exercises called technique, a set of exercises combined where Move the upper limb or lower using all the muscles in one party at one time.

In this first phase of the treatment is to stimulate the patient's psychological and strengthen the will and Models of God has already healed and this increases the morale of the patient.


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