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06 Feb 2014
In this period is the work of exercises for the respiratory system, as well as exercises called exercises to promote circulation pump blood in the body, as is the work of stimulation of the muscles through other ways, such as tapping and how quick stretch and are two ways for this kind of paraplegia.

After a period of intensive treatment and after the start of muscle response in slow motion, and come the next period, which is to stimulate the muscles more and are the work of exercises called active assisted exercise, which exercises initiated by the patient and the physician completes his movement and so on.
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At this stage is training the patient to sit on the stages shall be sitting based on the cushions, then stage sit alone on the bed, and then enhance the ability to sit down and resist any attempt to bring him down, and this so-called exercises to strengthen the ability to balance from a sitting position, and also are trained in patient.

At this stage, the lifting exercises waist bridging which exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back and waist, which enhances the ability to sit up, then comes the stage of strengthening muscles and is the work of exercises called active resisted exercise is the work of the exercises party against one resist the processor itself, and so on, then comes stage to stand on the feet, which is the number of stages, based on the stand and then sit metal based on crutches, then one crutch, then walking without help and this is the most advanced stages.

Then comes the most important phase, the phase of walking, where training the patient to walk based on then based on then disobeyed and then one to walk alone, and parallel with this stage, the stage of training palm of the hand to grab the stuff and raise it above the level of the head, and the stage of pregnancy things different weights, and there are special exercises to strengthen facial muscles and return to normal, then come back after these stages the patient to a normal life.


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