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06 Feb 2014
After the baby is born, start the evolution and development of the child gradually both talking and walking and other stages, when delays in any stage of the development of the child, for example, delayed walking, so it has the some of the reasons.
Consultant of Pediatrics, that the delay in walking in children there has several reasons, including the sick and the other is not satisfactory, and
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the reasons for the delay in walking unsatisfactory in children is to increase the weight of the child, because the obese child be more delays in walking for the child slim, and usually the child who crawl prefer to crawl for a walk, late for the child who does not crawl, and also the psychological factor could have a role in that, if the child has brothers and sisters greater than their laughter it, it walks with difficulty, and is located several times it's best not to walk.

And the reasons organic or sick, which is a direct cause of the delay in walking or inability to walk, illustrates d. Companion to the musculoskeletal system consists of bones, muscles and nervous system, and the occurrence of any defect or disease in any of them can lead to delays in walking, and an inability to walk or difficulty of it.

"Companion" to the causes of delay in walking, bone disease, a lack of nutrition, vitamin D deficiency, which leads to legs and the large size of the head and deformation cage rib, and the delay in walking, and that there are defects head thigh or twisting internal comb man , and there are other reasons, such as infection with tuberculosis of the spine, and can be treated with a dose of vitamin D deficiency is sufficient, but for the birth defects are presented to Specialist splint bone to work to remedy the situation of the man, and it's the appropriate time before the age of years.


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