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10 Feb 2014
In order to highlight the attraction, do not try to ignore any of the ingredients, so we will try through this issue shed light on the two elements of the attractiveness of the man, where man or abandoned in many cases, two hands and teeth.

It is known that men do not really care about the details of their attractiveness, such as women, they are creatures of the process, so you will not find a man who devoted time to take care of his hands and fingernails, or spend huge amounts of money on skin care and moisturizing, or manicure tools.
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But what he does not that most of the things that aggravate the toxic and draws the attention of women is the extent of his attention to him cutting his nails.

Although the men hold all the time is to work to raise money and secure their needs and the needs of his family becomes certainly and his hands, and his nails and stressful obsolete and worn, it can be shown every man appeal steps simple and inexpensive.

First you have to clean the dust from your nails attached to them, making them a dark color and exposure to infection by bacteria and fungi. Use a brush cleaning the nails and massage your nails inside the brush hairs even get rid of dead cells and dirt and germs.

The next step is that you cut your nails, then parties and both sides of the nails to become equal and consistent and blunt, using chilled nails. Buy nail files allocated to men because it is known that men are harder than nails women.

Be sure to manicure your nails refrigerant repeatedly until held by reasonable length prevents gathering dust on the inner surface of the nail.

Get rid of skin appendages not even attached to thread your clothes and cause damage as exposure to pain can be avoided simply and easily. These appendages may be contaminated with germs and bacteria causing you health problems such as inflammation of the many hands or swelling of the fingers or bloodshed.

Soak your hands in water for a few seconds, and then cut these appendages using carefully. Then also put a layer of moisturizing cream on your fingers and around your nails to prevent cracking and breaking the skin and skin appendages be.

Use a mixture of vinegar and lemon to remove the dark spots of your nails. Passed a piece of cotton and then knead the mixture by the dark area in your nails even back to a natural color.

If you're a diabetic, you should take care of your hands more to avoid the formation of fungi, which exposes you to infection difficult to treat chronic wounds. You should also consult a specialist doctor to prescribe you a system appropriate to take care of your hands and healthy and effective, according to your condition.


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