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10 Feb 2014
Hair Care task is not an easy one for women and girls so we find many women are still in need of more information in order to be able to take care of their hair in a perfect way give them satisfactory results, here's a set of questions barbed regarding hair care and answering scientific methods gives you a number of senior hairdressers and expert care your beauty.
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How do I get a good hair smell lasts for a long time?
Your hair is part of the body so it must to take care of him and do not emits an unpleasant odor may alienate you from those around you. Here's the best way to get a hair smell good:

Wash your hair down, according to the nature of your hair if your hair is oily must be washed three times a week, but if you can wash it off Java from visits to two weeks as you want.
The selected shampoo smell good taking into account the work to clean the scalp well rub fingertips, note that it is usually the scalp source of the stench.

Rinse your hair with water and add a warm refreshments hair and rinse well.
Leave your hair to dry completely or use a hair dryer.
Use a mild hair products smell good, as you can spray a little perfume on your hair and enough hands together, and then run it on your hair.

Make sure to clean the hair styling tools well before use so as not to spoil the smell of your hair.
Avoid heating iron hair more than necessary as they may also spoil the smell of your hair.
How do I get shiny hair?
Hair usually loses its luster because of the brittleness of or damage to the outer layer of it so make sure to restore luster to your hair to maintain it and treat the outer layer of it, and the best natural ways to treat hair is attendance on the use of avocado mask.

Mash ripe avocado fruit with 3 tablespoons of olive oil and a banana and egg.
Multiply mix well in a blender and then put it on a dry your hair for 10 minutes.
Wash your hair shampooed and well usual.

My hair is usually mild and seem flat, How do I increase the intensity?
Many women suffer from thinning hair and the optimal solution is the heart of the hair forward and move your fingers quickly between your hair in a straight line, and then sprinkle a little of the hair roots installer with the hair on the left and put it forward for 30 seconds to dry. After that a national your hair without pressing it gently so as not to lose it intensity.


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