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10 Feb 2014
Haunt a lot of the ladies concerned about the practice of intimacy, and there are many reasons that lead to this, including physical causes such as having certain diseases, and can be solved by reviewing your doctor, including the causes of mental or emotional anxiety and having problems, in addition to many reasons, including:

Having something of drought in the vaginal area causing difficulty in practice, and is usually drought many reasons such as infections, anxiety, diabetes, a problem that can be solved by a simple visit to the doctor or female doctor to prescribe you a decent or proper medication.
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The cause pain to women aspiring vaginal also vasospasm, a common condition in which there is a spasm in the muscles of the vagina is mainly caused by the fear of being harmed, and in this case preferably be preceded by a period of sexual intercourse and foreplay slave talk and try to notice women's safety and comfort.

And perhaps lead vaginal infections and fungi also for these pains and dehydration during practice, or that there are problems in the cervix, or diseases of the uterus, such as fibroids that can cause deep pain during sexual intercourse, as well as sexual intercourse after menopause, as well as after birth or in the event of a infections of the ovaries or pelvis.

To overcome the pain relationship there are many solutions, there are some cases you do not need a doctor, such as postpartum pain, and the woman has to wait at least six weeks before returning to the practice of intimacy, as well as in the event of drought, natural creams can be used as dedicated to this area.

In cases of inflammation usually pain after the treatment of infections with antibiotics prescribed by a physician is dedicated to the intimacy of this region, but the best solution is always to visit the gynecologist once every month to make sure always that everything is okay.


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