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10 Feb 2014
Are you snoring because a real problem with others, did you know that snoring is not just a voice coming from the nose, but expresses the existence of a real problem inside you, but what are the causes of this phenomenon, and how you can get rid of them?

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A professor of surgery, ear, nose and throat, that snoring is the sound emanating from the mouth and nose together at bedtime, as a result of a malfunction in the airway or clogging it, and shows that the nose of the functions cooling air into the lung, but in the event of any defect in airway air comes out again to the outside through the mouth breathing, leading to this sound, which is snoring, so is a health problem and not just cause inconvenience to others.

This case leads to many problems, including respiratory disorders and the incidence of congestion, not only subject to these diseases, which may lead to bigger problems, especially when the lack of the amount of oxygen entering the lungs, which can cause problems heart and nervous system and irregular blood circulation.
It refers to a person who has a snoring problem is the other, and not only slept with him, where the cause of snoring and sleep disorders in constant concern, which makes a person wakes up in a state of exhaustion and insomnia.

It also leads to snoring cravings sleep in his usual sleeping time with frequent forgetfulness.
Snoring is diagnosed by placing the patient on a machine to measure brain activity with muscle movement with measuring rates of oxygen in the blood, of course, the diagnosis is the main complaint the patient and those around him.

To get rid of that problem haunting by not eating before bedtime, and can give a person some drugs, but therapy is the treatment of choice is surgical and its results to be in mostly guaranteed.


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