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10 Feb 2014
Encounter many of the ladies aesthetic problems have been caused by misuse of the products. Here are the best solutions to the most common problems in this area.
Makeup Brushes damage quickly

You may not often clean sufficiently. He left the brushes products for a long time damages the bristles. It is advisable to wash them once a month, liquid detergent, to get rid of the remnants of make-up accumulated in the bristles.
Cellulite Creams
As to how dry the brushes are also critical. After rinsing, they are placed flat on a paper towel.
The put a lot of hidden defects creamy formula is not the solution to hide dark circles. Choose a transparent liquid with apricot-colored base, to hide the blue-gray degrees. If you do not you see a shadow, my little loose powder to reflect light over.

 Your guide to the use of facial Concealer
When lips are dry and scaly, particles settle in the folds of the skin, there is a layer undesirable. Crusty lips with a cloth or I passed them under advisement toothbrush, before applying lip gloss. You can also pass the promises of cotton inside the lips to remove this layer. And do not forget to use a moisturizer glossy every day to avoid the problem of scaling.

Fast hair growth after shaving
Sometimes, foreclosures are small bristles under the surface of the skin by the dead cells. The use of light with fiber peeled before shaving will peel the skin and hair shows hidden underneath, and so you can remove them in one clean movement. If the hair that grows thorny, are advised to use urea and glycerin to moisturize the skin and hair strengtheners.

 Healthy ways to get rid of excess hair Face and Body
Corrupting nail polish after being placed
To fix blotchiness, my index finger tip in remover that does not contain acetone, taking care not to move any of it on your fingernail. Try a formula or "gel" in the house. Require certain types of gel to put your hands under the rays of the LED light or UV light to dry, but the available collections of nail polish to prove in less than five minutes, and lasts for a color like the color of the traditional paint.

After removing the hair above the upper lip wax
If you suffer from redness and blisters, this may be a reaction to an item in the wax, or the friction that occurs when hair removal. Remedial zone a little cream contains a substance hydrocortisone. and wax-based natural sugar, it protects the skin and reduces the chance of irritation.

 When connected with oils skin around the eyes, mascara often disintegrates and leaves marks undesirable. In case you do not want put shades the eyes, and before applying mascara, lashes using a preliminary preparation, and then followed by the translucent powder works to absorb the oils.
Not being able to remove the entire

In case you have chosen Facial Cleanser is useful, it is advisable to experiment with another detergent formula paintings, they disintegration of cosmetics is better than traditional soap.
As you can wash your face ordinary detergent, before using a piece of cotton a lot of toner, to remove any residue from the skin
Hair flying through the pass clean toothbrush the spray is installed on the hair line. It is also able to use transparent mascara in the same way.

Introduction flake nails
The pass cooler nails nail down the cause they broke, leading to desquamation. Use a glass chilled soft and edges gently, and that taking a dietary supplement of biotin can help strengthen nails in the long term; taking the amount of 2.5 mg per day.


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