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11 Feb 2014
Well know that your days are charged tasks, and by bedtime not any power to deal with your skin or make any attention to him. So we developed a routine consists of five simple steps to keep your skin glow.
Clean the face.

Sasha says Prince, skin care specialist from Texas, "Keep a regular routine to clean skin. Wash your face well in the evening to remove any remnants of makeup during the day." Sasha also recommends using products only moderate and avoids harsh scrubs skin fabrics. "To cleanse your face properly, Use warm water for cleaning, cold water to rinse."
Cellulite Removel Creams

The best facial cleansers:
Natural Skin: Bliss foaming face wash
Combination Skin: Mario Enzyme Cleansing Gel
For dry skin: Gentle Skin Cleanser
Restore balance to the skin.
Using a toner that works to clean your pores deeply and remove any dirt or sediment old makeup. Note: Choose the right product for your skin type to improve the health of the skin.
The best types of toner:

Moisture: Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist
For control of the oil: Clarifying Toner
For the balance of the skin: Balancing Facial Tonic
Nourish the skin and get rid of the sediment.

Use of creams containing sialic acid and Ritnoad vitamin A, vitamin penetrates any wall cells and improves skin health and fostered. Daily use during the week, will give you great skin during the weekend.
Protect the skin around the eye.

Sasha explains that "the skin around the eye does not contain hair follicles, which means many lack the ability to absorb skin creams easily. For this it is important to use a product designed specifically for the eyes.

We recommend choosing these types:
The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream
Clinique All about Eyes
Ole ultimate eye lift gel
Night creams favorite:

Yes to Carrots C through the Night, Night Moisturizing Cream
Multi Anti-Gravity Night Cream
Avon ANEW Platinum Night Cream


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