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11 Feb 2014
Modern science has proven that 80 percent of the signs of aging can be disposed of in ways, because it does not occur in a U asset as a result of skin exposure to environmental factors
Foreign such as sunlight, pollution, perfume, make-up, and also for continuous use
Skin care products for non-medical, so we can avoid the occurrence and treatment.
Introduction Joey Atlas
Skin, like any organ of the body,reflect the style and life of women, and refers to theGeneral health condition, and there are signs giveCautionary skin evidence on lifestyle isHealth, such as: the appearance of lines and wrinkles skin at an early age, dry skin, and especially the face and hands, freckles, pigmentation resulting from continuous exposure to heat and sunlight.

Are there solutions to avoid or treat these signs?Of course, whenever there are symptoms of unhealthy, it must be specialists find ways to scientifically avoided or treated:

Skin Care begins from the age of twenty, then a girl a good cleaning attention once or twice a day, and the use of cosmetics medical to moisturize the skin, and sun protectionSPF 20 - 30 ((It is also desirable to use preparation for light exfoliation to remove dead cells once a week - under the supervision of a specialistSkin Care - and then follow-up sessions cleaning depending on the type and moisturize the skin once a month, and follow-up with a specialist experienced


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