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11 Feb 2014
If you decide to put moisturizing cream first may weaken this stuck sunscreen skin tightly. If already appeared brown spots on your hands, Get rid of them through the use of acids, alpha and beta hydroxyl kind, which may reduce greatly the color of sun spots or pigmentation spots resulting from radiation damage the sun, and topical products that contain vitamin C, which is an anti strong antioxidant, is also effective in treatments Hand Care that reduce the color of these spots.

While you're at home ... include proper care of hands skin treatments, but some habits, such as bathing in very hot water, you may make your hands. Whenever the water is hotter, has been deprived of the skin more natural oils. Skin care hands by making a miniature Manic or.

Use wooden promises to push the skin around the nail gently back. Since the skin around the nail becomes smoother when bathing, the pay at the time causes less damage to the toenails.

After bathing, the skin will become harsher and remains in place, which makes it seem hands. When you put soap on your hands, remember that very little of it enough, especially if you wash your hands constantly. There is no need to find a lot of foam, where the enough soap to clean your hands. Use if possible detergent does not contain soap.


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