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11 Feb 2014
Everyone is trying to solve the problem of pimples after they appear. Where the trip begins search for optimal treatment. There is a shortcut that saves you the trouble of the problem and experimenting with drugs and mixtures to hide pimples after her appearance or the impact, and that is learning how to predict the imminent appearance of these warts, and then begin to fight and prevent the appearance of the foundation.

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According to experts, doctors, cosmetic skin world, there are some signs that indicate that your skin will suffer from pimples; the following identify them together, and thus take appropriate remedial action.
First, the change of seasons
Of the things that cause skin problems, especially pimples, change the atmosphere and the weather in the periods between the different seasons of the year. Despite being one of the cause’s blisters strong, it is one of the things that do not interest many of convergence. So you start to focus on it and note if there is any change in your skin, and if the answer is yes, then you should start prevention measures.

Use skin care products needed for this period according to your skin type, and prescribed by your doctor.
If you sleep in the evening hours as a result of a few to work or to study, or for any private or family circumstances, you at risk for problems of pimples and skin troubles.

Night for long periods or consecutive days eventually lead to the spread of grain skin. So make sure to not have to ensure is a daily habit and try to organize your time better. Try at least a week and observe the difference for yourself.

Do you travel a lot!
The question may seem unrelated to the matter, but in fact it is a direct link. Traveling in the plane periodically adversely affect the skin, because the dry air in the plane. No matter what the weather is comfortable on the trip, it remains dry on the skin, which leads to the secretion of more fat and thus inflammation of the skin and pimples in the end.

The movements between the different time zones also harm the skin. So if you reduce the travel is out of the question, you'll need to create your skin to resist this atmosphere, so to get rid of excess fat aphid.

Bed sheets and towels
If you feel that your skin is in need of special attention, you have to think about everything that touches first before starting to resort to solutions that rely on medical products and pharmaceuticals. The most important thing on the list is towels, sheets and blankets pillows do you use. Must be made of cotton, not of industrial raw materials that are harmful to the skin.


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