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12 Feb 2014
Some diseases may cause embarrassment for some men, especially if they are related to sex, was sent to the reader "on the seventh day," he says he is married to a period and suffered from acacia (warts) reproductive and wonder about what this disease is, and what the reasons for his appearance? 
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Responded to this consultation consultant dermatologists, infertility, male sex, and marital relations, saying that the acacia is a skin growths her skin color, and appear on the places genitals, adding that the cause of this disease is a virus called "HP's" HPV and there is of it more than 60 somewhat, but the most commonly affected are the types 16 and 18.

Added that the modes of transmission of this disease are many, including direct contact when sexual contact, and helps to move the presence of scratches and abrasions in the genital area of men, or women, despite the fact that the disease is not transmitted from the mother to the fetus during pregnancy, but it may be transmitted during Natural childbirth so preferably in that case to be birth by caesarean section.

He pointed out that there is the possibility of disease transmission acacia or "warts" by donating blood, he said, adding that so far has not been excluded patients infected with the virus from blood donation, where there is no study limit the number of people living with the disease.


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