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12 Feb 2014
Ask the reader about the hallmarks of the disease bran injury rosacea, and what is the treatment?
Answer, consultant dermatologists, and Chairman of the National Research Center earlier, saying: Bran, a skin disease, begins to appear on the image round spot, the color pink, and covered with scales light, then followed by a few days, the emergence of other spots in the same shape, but differ in size from several millimeters to several centimeters.
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And indicates the beholder, to be infected with bran Rosary all, does hang strong desire itching, and spread to infect the areas of the chest, abdomen, neck, and arms, and sometimes up to the thighs, and the illness usually lasts about three to four weeks, until the symptoms disappear.

The scientists tried, explain why the incidence of the disease, some sensitivity and others saw as the result of the tension, but the latest research suggests that it is a viral infection, and is likely latter theory,
that the disease affects human once, nor recurs injury again, it is important not to confuse Bran, and psoriasis, the similarity of symptoms between them sometimes, so it has to be resorting to the dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment, which depends in the case of bran pink on the use of solvents, mildly, with the intake of antihistamines in adequate quantities, and are advised to use cortisone, whether topically , or internally.


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