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15 Feb 2014
The lipstick from basic cosmetics among women, but there are toxic substances which may be offered health risk, it contains about nine toxic materials, notably lead, cadmium, aluminum, in addition to the types of toxic metals.

The Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley to these results, where they calculated the concentrations of toxic metals in lipstick and the effect of daily-use sustained her.

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The study revealed that the presence of these metals in itself is not a fundamental problem, the danger lies in the continuous use of lipstick, which may expose women to significant health problems in the long run when it is absorbed by the body through the ingestion of women part thereof, shall be considered as materials carcinogen with length of use.

They have shown that the dark colors of lipstick, that contain the largest amount of toxic lead, and light colors that contain small amount of lead.

A simple test shows whether lipstick contains toxic metals or without them, and are in a position a little lipstick on the foil in the gleaming, then rub the spot with a tissue for ten seconds, and if turns black it contains toxic substances.


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