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21 Feb 2014
How to reduce cellulite of the legs
Not to swollen legs
A feeling of heaviness in the legs often comes from bad posture habits like sitting many hours standing or sitting.

In more severe cases, is also associated with venous insufficiency that due to poor blood circulation causes the appearance of (small spills) and varicose veins.
 "About 40% of the population has problems of poor circulation in the legs', warns expert in surgery Emilio Val’s.
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Therefore, and although often the cause is hereditary, to prevent this problem 'is essential to be careful with food and bad postural habits, avoid prolonged the pill, quit smoking, get exercise and avoid wearing long clothing tight and high heels.

“If you have to work long hours in the same position, try sleeping with legs elevated (put a cushion under the feet) to improve blood circulation overnight.

Sclera therapy with fowler tilapia or pleasure is one of the recommended solutions for these situations.
The treatments depend on the severity of the situation.

"When there is a more serious shortcoming is advised surgery, partial internal stannous vein, 'says the expert. You can opt for endovascular laser is identical to the surgery but with less impact to the body results.

And, in less severe cases when varicose veins are smaller and less dense, may choose to combine. The first treatment consists of injecting a product which atrophy and causes the collapse of the blood vessel and the second micro varies decreases and using a laser Intense Pulsed Light.


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