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10 Feb 2014
If you suffer from that bomb must rid yourself of the parties’ hair final and if a large part, you can rid yourself of it gradually.

Avoid choosing haircut difficult not in line with the paint your face or the nature of your hair, many of the ladies fall in the mistake of choosing a haircut for just being popular and fashion, are unaware that the hairstyles are not randomly selected and must help of a specialist.

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Do not use of products and protective of the sun, Just as your skin is exposed to damage from the sun's rays as well as your hair, which necessarily affected by the sun and other factors such as wind and humidity.
To get rid of this problem you can help of products to protect hair from the sun, such as...

10 Feb 2014
In order to highlight the attraction, do not try to ignore any of the ingredients, so we will try through this issue shed light on the two elements of the attractiveness of the man, where man or abandoned in many cases, two hands and teeth.

It is known that men do not really care about the details of their attractiveness, such as women, they are creatures of the process, so you will not find a man who devoted time to take care of his hands and fingernails, or spend huge amounts of money on skin care and moisturizing, or manicure tools.
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But what he does not that most of the things that aggravate the toxic and draws the attention of women is the extent of his attention to him cutting his nails.

Although the men hold all the...

06 Feb 2014
After the baby is born, start the evolution and development of the child gradually both talking and walking and other stages, when delays in any stage of the development of the child, for example, delayed walking, so it has the some of the reasons.
Consultant of Pediatrics, that the delay in walking in children there has several reasons, including the sick and the other is not satisfactory, and
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the reasons for the delay in walking unsatisfactory in children is to increase the weight of the child, because the obese child be more delays in walking for the child slim, and usually the child who crawl prefer to crawl for a walk, late for the child who does not crawl, and also the psychological factor could have a role in...

06 Feb 2014
The marital relationship of a man requires fitness and physical ability to continue to help him communicate, and perhaps more parts that need to be strengthened are the hands, feet and pelvis, the following set of exercises for a man of his sexual performance improvement and reduce feelings of fatigue and exhaustion.
Exercise body lift:
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Simple exercise its aim is to develop your ability to lift and carry the weight of your body, the more you can develop this ability whenever managed by lengthening the duration of the citizenship process. Put your legs on the ball for the exercise, "Swiss Ball" and then took a position exercise pressure proved your hands on the ground, and to raise and lower your body so...

06 Feb 2014
In this period is the work of exercises for the respiratory system, as well as exercises called exercises to promote circulation pump blood in the body, as is the work of stimulation of the muscles through other ways, such as tapping and how quick stretch and are two ways for this kind of paraplegia.

After a period of intensive treatment and after the start of muscle response in slow motion, and come the next period, which is to stimulate the muscles more and are the work of exercises called active assisted exercise, which exercises initiated by the patient and the physician completes his movement and so on.
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At this stage is training the patient to sit on the stages shall be sitting based on the cushions, then...

06 Feb 2014
Who among us is not fair to have an incident may occur because of an error or what, or because of a psychiatric condition, and months of psychological symptoms is the appearance of paralysis, how can cure that situation.

Specialist Physiotherapist, and a member of the Egyptian Society for the Study of Obesity, was the patient who suffers from paraplegia or what is known as flaccid, a condition suffered by the patient of that half of his body left or right does not move ever but it feels a sense.
Introduction Joey Atlas

She added that the patient in this case is in the case of the start of treatment with doctors Neurosurgery until the healing of the internal damage to the nerves, and then begins the role of physical therapy and start...

06 Feb 2014
The problem of thinning hair of the most common problems faced by women, because the hair is affected by external factors such as heat and severe extreme cold and sunlight, as well as the use of hair care full of chemicals. Here are the following tips:

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• Choose a shampoo that contains a powerful detergent, because this kind of shampoo has the ability to remove dirt and residue oils and hair care deposited in the scalp, thus granting your hair look full of life.

• There are also types of balsamic containing materials is important for skin care, such as collagen and peptide materials and sun protection, and most of these substances can penetrate the hair and wet effectively.

• There are many hairs care and...

03 Feb 2014
This cocktail is also suitable for moments when you simply put "chasing the sweet tooth."  

1 scoop strawberry whey protein powder
1 cup frozen strawberries
350 ml water
2 tablespoons strawberry syrup or juice first three raw materials put into a blender and blend well.
Then pour a little strawberry syrup or thicker juice into a glass and turn the glass so that the syrup spilled over the walls. Only then pour the finished cocktail and you can now enjoy.
1 cocktail has about 245 kcal, 20 g protein, 41 g carbohydrates and almost no fat.

Additional benefits that will bring the individual raw materials are as follows:
Frozen berries - fruits as such is component often cocktails primarily because it contains sugars - fructose and...

03 Feb 2014
All items put into a blender and blend well.
1 serving contains 229 calories, 30 g protein, 22 g carbohydrates and 2.5 grams of fat.
And what will benefit the above foods?

Low fat milk contains a lot of protein and more than 30% of the recommended daily allowance of calcium (in 1 cup). Moreover, adds great flavor cocktail.

Cinnamon is usually only used for seasoning, but plays an important role in reducing insulin levels because it increases the use of sugar in muscle tissue. And since insulin is associated with fat deposition and reduced its level will enjoy. Cinnamon naturally also promotes metabolism.

Vanilla casein protein powder in conjunction with the acid in the stomach forms a gel. Thanks to this, individual amino acids released...

03 Feb 2014
Whatever your interests may be and cocktails are always on hand to provide you with important nutrients.
If you are a regular drinkers and cocktail shaker is one of your best friends, so maybe limited to a few cocktails and maybe you have somehow cease
In this article we bring some tips on cocktails that you can try. We hope you will enjoy the cocktails and will be a nice change in your diet.

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Each of these cocktails can be used for a specific time - for breakfast, bedtime, etc.
For each cocktail you will of course have listed all the essential details.
Prepare a shaker and go to it!

HOLIDAY TEMPTATION - the perfect cocktail for any holiday
Holidays are a nutritional point of view at all simple period. All...