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03 Feb 2014
 Suddenly, there have been many professions that could be fantastic to combine with bodybuilding, such as bouncers in the new discos, brothels, uh, actually, Night clubs, a variety of security, but also work in the gym, personal trainers, etc. first.

Just absolute concentration on bodybuilding and total submission to her lifestyle
 Perhaps because of this period came very strong generation of bodybuilders such as, Black, and of courses plenty of others that I would not like to forget.

But he also was not internet, not facebook, not so readily and simply steal movies and music, it was not possible to simply send today that I cannot practice, could not go to the movies, when one felt like it was not so much money on a pocket that is today,...

03 Feb 2014
In short, do what you and others out of your head. If you want to be cruel strength does not lie on an exercise bike and eat as a sparrow. If you want to be a bodybuilder, on Friday at the disco and on girls sex at five in the morning
 Focus only on the things that lead to your goal. Late nights, booze and spending on crap you there but I cannot.

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And why are missing one decently generation of bodybuilders? Of course, apart from a few great exceptions
Since she came into the world at a time when the various attractions, glitter, entertainment and other was suddenly an awful lot.
Suddenly, born from scratch
There was not a priority to learn later, concerns the hump now it is difficult. So I think that the current...

03 Feb 2014
Everything you buy later. But to find a direction in life, purpose, belonging to a group of people, regardless of the other group considers you a fool, to fill you with satisfaction much more than some plastic contraption.
Just as there is a problem if you do not know what you do in the gym and it is important to clarify.

Do you want to be a bodybuilder to keep your hands 40 cm?
Or just want to have great strength and appearance will not that matter? It's good to get this straight.
I want to be a bit like a bodybuilder, but not much, I liked girls, but I also want to have great strength, but I do not have big thighs, I do not like ... too much I want to gain weight and have like those guys in the photos.
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TO HELL and I...

01 Feb 2014
After becoming ill cancer treatable in many cases, moving ideas injured after the completion of the treatment of cancer , to identify the steps that it carried out in order to return to his normal life, and then do apply.
Despite the fact that the person has overcome this disease, but it still needs to do some steps to improve their health in the long term. How will their lives after healing? What are the steps required of them, especially on a psychological level?

The desire for healing
The will of healing is the main factor that stimulates the immune system in order to address and eliminate this disease.
Cancer patient defeat and despair of recovery negatively affects the nervous system, particularly the hypothalamus, which sends and...

01 Feb 2014
While in supermarkets, often find yourself standing in front of the cheese plant in the kind that puzzled. The main question is: Do I choose the white or yellow cheese?
Thread does not stop at the taste and flavors never, but there should be nutritional value, start looking for in cheese. At the site of my health we will help you determine the best option for you.

It must be noted first that there is a belief and very wrong, is that the yellow cheese where more calories than white cheese because of their color, which perhaps suggests solubility.

The problem is in the belief that some white cheese in which fewer calories, larger quantities of them, and this is what leads to the accumulation of calories and weight gain with...

01 Feb 2014
Obesity of global disease, which has no definitive cure, but some of those who suffer from the problems of obesity surgery may be the solution to lose weight in record time.

The treatment of obesity at the University of Cairo, said that there are ways multiple surgeries to treat the increase weight, but most of them are suffering from side effects on the patient, he said, adding that he would prefer to reduce weight by using the method of "gastric balloon”, the gastric balloon is a balloon small is placed stomach to help the patient get rid of excess weight in a short period relative, He pointed out that it is done that way without surgery through the mouth and using binoculars mouth, without any surgical intervention, and take that...

01 Feb 2014
Strain permanent may lead to the occurrence of many serious complications, and those problems do not stop on the psychological problems as the cause of the loss of friends or family, or to become hated by everyone, but goes beyond it to the injury ended, many people who suffer from irritable permanent, are susceptible to heart attack or stroke, about how to get rid of nervousness or emotional overload.

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The nervous system suffers from immune dysfunction, in addition to not being able to resist diseases, in addition to that it would be irritable , causing engage in constant conflicts and hassle of a permanent, leading to multiple problems , and here presents Aaron some instructions to get rid of nervousness excess in...

30 Jan 2014
It is great to get away from work and responsibilities and least time to devote to yourself. From now on I such afternoon to myself 'prescribe at least once per month, "she told us at parting Marta.
Maybe not Lena Black says: In a personal transformation for ourselves, we are always the biggest obstacle. Specifically, our thinking that we need to change

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From childhood we have a lot of programs that cause problems in adulthood.
For example, one client I found my emotional writing of "nervousness I deal with overeating." She simply that he should stress at school, help her meal.

This writes it in the future, but enough to cause a major problem. After removing this entry ceased to command her psyche overeating, and when...

30 Jan 2014
Extra tip: Be inspired by the Mediterranean diet, which is not possible without fish, olive oil and lots of vegetables! Volunteers who are over 25 weeks ate this way, lost up to 8% of their weight.

"When it comes to slipping, we often tend to ask the first question, what we could do better.
But it is much easier to change than the conditions themselves. It makes no sense to dwell on who they should be - more motivated, less lazy, have a greater willingness - to nowhere.
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 We need to know your options and then those boundaries and realistically adapt their objectives and procedures, "says psychotherapist Michal
In other words, if you count the fact that in life cannot do without chocolate easier it will be to find a...

30 Jan 2014
This rule is you will ensure that your body provides all kinds of vitamins and minerals, which helps in controlling tenacious fat deposits. And when you add a password "Hara hatch but" (one might loosely translate "Eat up to 80% satiety '), success in weight loss is almost guaranteed!

Dust off your bike
Lowland Netherlands rightly boasts the nickname of "paradise for cyclists."
 Per capita that is 1.2 falls bicycle. Cycling is one of the most effective aerobic activities that lead to a slimmer figure, after all, when it burned about 500 calories per hour while saving your joints...

Secrets of Dutch cyclists are that his partner able to include in your daily life and in the saddle are transported to work, to the store or to...