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18 Feb 2014
Weight gain represents a big problem among women, it caused her many troubles, research has shown that hormones femininity and ovulation is heavily influenced by obesity, as obesity affect also explains nutrition expert, the fat cells that secrete the hormone lepton "Lepton, "which caused a stir in the work of the pituitary gland, which would cause an imbalance in the ovaries.

The obesity working to raise the hormone insulin, causing disturbances in the ovaries It changes their activities, leading to stop the work of the ovary, and this leads to many complications, from which the irregular menstrual cycle with increased pain associated with her hair growth profusely in the face the body, also spoke obesity a number of changes physical...

18 Feb 2014
The thyme of aromatic plants with a beautiful smell, and is often used for food, as well as medical benefits of thyme, for example, works on the treatment of infections, and relaxes the nerves, as well as all of the benefits are aesthetic also of thyme, both skin and hair, what are these Benefits??

Thyme for many benefits the most important treatment of damaged hair
The therapeutic benefits of herbs

Mask thyme to lighten the color of your skin: Mix a tablespoon of thyme and dry milled teaspoon of olive oil well,

 and when you get a combination coherent, stratified on your face, and leave for half an hour, then wash with water lukewarm, and you can repeat this catcher every day over a period of 10 days, can also thyme oil that moisturizes...