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11 Feb 2014
Everyone is trying to solve the problem of pimples after they appear. Where the trip begins search for optimal treatment. There is a shortcut that saves you the trouble of the problem and experimenting with drugs and mixtures to hide pimples after her appearance or the impact, and that is learning how to predict the imminent appearance of these warts, and then begin to fight and prevent the appearance of the foundation.

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According to experts, doctors, cosmetic skin world, there are some signs that indicate that your skin will suffer from pimples; the following identify them together, and thus take appropriate remedial action.
First, the change of seasons
Of the things that cause skin problems, especially pimples,...

11 Feb 2014
Modern science has proven that 80 percent of the signs of aging can be disposed of in ways, because it does not occur in a U asset as a result of skin exposure to environmental factors
Foreign such as sunlight, pollution, perfume, make-up, and also for continuous use
Skin care products for non-medical, so we can avoid the occurrence and treatment.
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Skin, like any organ of the body,reflect the style and life of women, and refers to theGeneral health condition, and there are signs giveCautionary skin evidence on lifestyle isHealth, such as: the appearance of lines and wrinkles skin at an early age, dry skin, and especially the face and hands, freckles, pigmentation resulting from continuous exposure to heat and...

11 Feb 2014
Mask of yogurt and yeast to get rid of pimples and blackheads:

Pillow pack yogurt
Points of oil (Theme Thyme)
Points of peppermint oil
Lemon juice
Brewer's yeast bag
Tablespoons potato starch (to get it Leave the potatoes in water for several hours and then Take two tablespoons of this liquid).
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Mix all ingredients in a blender and then put them on the face, especially pimples and blackheads. Leave the mask from 10 to 20 minutes and then wash your face with lukewarm water.
Featuring multiple components is captured by theme antiseptic and tightens the skin helps to close the place pimples. And peppermint oil and refreshing moisturizer for the skin as it is soothing and also helps to close the place pimples.


06 Feb 2014
In this period is the work of exercises for the respiratory system, as well as exercises called exercises to promote circulation pump blood in the body, as is the work of stimulation of the muscles through other ways, such as tapping and how quick stretch and are two ways for this kind of paraplegia.

After a period of intensive treatment and after the start of muscle response in slow motion, and come the next period, which is to stimulate the muscles more and are the work of exercises called active assisted exercise, which exercises initiated by the patient and the physician completes his movement and so on.
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At this stage is training the patient to sit on the stages shall be sitting based on the cushions, then...

06 Feb 2014
Who among us is not fair to have an incident may occur because of an error or what, or because of a psychiatric condition, and months of psychological symptoms is the appearance of paralysis, how can cure that situation.

Specialist Physiotherapist, and a member of the Egyptian Society for the Study of Obesity, was the patient who suffers from paraplegia or what is known as flaccid, a condition suffered by the patient of that half of his body left or right does not move ever but it feels a sense.
Introduction Joey Atlas

She added that the patient in this case is in the case of the start of treatment with doctors Neurosurgery until the healing of the internal damage to the nerves, and then begins the role of physical therapy and start...

03 Feb 2014
In short, do what you and others out of your head. If you want to be cruel strength does not lie on an exercise bike and eat as a sparrow. If you want to be a bodybuilder, on Friday at the disco and on girls sex at five in the morning
 Focus only on the things that lead to your goal. Late nights, booze and spending on crap you there but I cannot.

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And why are missing one decently generation of bodybuilders? Of course, apart from a few great exceptions
Since she came into the world at a time when the various attractions, glitter, entertainment and other was suddenly an awful lot.
Suddenly, born from scratch
There was not a priority to learn later, concerns the hump now it is difficult. So I think that the current...